The Cape Lardier

DSC_0017The Cape Lardier is the southernmost area of the peninsula of Saint Tropez (France). Reservoir of an exceptional flora and fauna, in 1976 the management of the Cape Lardier is confided to the municipality of La Croix Valmer and to the Port-Cros National Park, this acquisition has allowed its protection against the urbanization and the conservation of the landscapes. It’s here that we find the pine forest in the Brouis Valley and some protected beaches with the typical dune flora. This natural space constantly invites you to choose different routes, you can opt for the more coastal walk or for walks that sink in the dense Mediterranean forest where the amateurs of plants can admire the large specimens of Pinus pinea, Quercus suber, Quercus ilex, Arbutus unedo… between other species. Here, men, plants and animals live in harmony thanks to the growing environmental awareness and the impulse of ecotourism.         Continue reading →


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