Marrakech & Majorelle

PRIMO, Javier; mémorial Yves Saint Laurent; August 30, 2015; Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech; image taken from the site Robuste: Mediterranean species magazine:
Yves Saint Laurent memorial

In the city of Marrakech, God’s Earth in the Berber language, there are few public open spaces that produce a feeling of relief, freshness and peace as the Ménara, the Saadian graves, the Bahia Palace, The Agdâl or the Garden Majorelle which it is also the botanical garden in Marrakech for the richness of its plants.

What did Jacques Majorelle discover in Marrakesh? Which landscapes did seduce this artist?

This garden is the result of the fusion of the mind and the art of Majorelle with the cultural and environmental landscape surroundings of Marrakech. An original, unique and deeply personal space that forms part of the Moroccan cultural heritage.       Continue reading →


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