Sicily, the heart of the Mediterranean

landscape-2950235_960_720Wild and virgin, the coast on which Scopello bathes is, for many, the most beautiful of all western Sicily. The agricultural tradition -in the baglio lived the landowner and the peasants who worked their land- merges with the fisherman around the cliffs, because very close to them, it is possible to reach the old tonnara, a trap, testimony of how fishing for bluefin tuna was practiced in the area.

The factory and the houses of the fishermen today serve as accommodation for all those who want to stay in a different place, with a lot of history and with the best views, located as they are on the very edge of the sea.

Its bay is the gateway to the Zingaro Nature Reserve.

The protected section extends along ten kilometers parallel to the coast, between Scopello and the town of San Vito Lo Capo, with another large beach of white sand. Forbidden to access it by car: to know it there are two main roads -the one on the slope and the one on the high path-, which can only be covered on foot.

Chamaerops humilis var. humilis, Zingaro, Sicily

In one and another itinerary it is possible to find such amazing places as the caves of Punta Capreria, the Cove of the Varo, the Marinella neighborhood and the Uzzo cave, of great archaeological interest.

The peregrine falcons are part of the 39 species of birds resident in the area, in addition to endemic plants such as the Chamaerops humilis (dwarf palm tree)  that has already become a symbol of the place.


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