Publication rules

Typha angustifolia

Robuste is an independent on-line magazine which provides articles, reports, activities, news, works, interviews and any information relative on the Mediterranean climate regions.

Original works submitted to Robuste must be unpublished, except in exceptional cases. The contents are published in French, English or Spanish (if necessary translated by Robuste).

Robuste reserves the right to accept or refuse the articles submitted for publication. In addition, the texts are proofread and journalism resources can be added if deemed necessary. In any case, the approval of the author is indispensable.

The original texts and the files corresponding to tables, graphs, figures, maps, images and other complementary contents must be sent by e-mail:


Robuste is an on-line magazine of disclosure addressed to a heterogeneous public. Accordingly, the authors will attempt to use a comprehensible, affable, concise and readable language. In the case to use complex terms, it’s necessary to open a parentheses to explain it briefly.

The length of the text is free but it’s recommended to make an effort of synthesis.

The graphic elements will be sent in separate files and identified in the text by epigraphs (photo 1, picture 2, table 6 … etc.)

The name of plants will appear in the text with its scientific name and if you want the popular name in brackets.

You have to show the bibliographical references: APA / MLA

The original works (articles, interviews …) will go accompanied with a brief biography of the authors (occupation, educational background, personal interests, research areas, taking part in organizations, anecdotes related to the article, sources of funds…).

Robuste reserves the right to adjust the style to adapt it to some objective criteria which don’t involve the change of the contents.


Although the authors have to send a graphic material to illustrate their articles, Robuste reserves the right to include appropriate photos, drawings and illustrations.

Every illustration must contain an explicit description: APA image (p. 6) / MLA image

 Digital images must to have these minimal requirements:

  • .jpg format
  • enough graphic quality 300 dpi resolution
  • image resolution from a mega (1000 kb)

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